One size never fits all.

Every business is different. Which means every business’s document needs are different. With the help of our TekTrak Analysis, TSG delivers customized hard and soft document solutions that increase efficiency and reduce expenses.

Seamless Integration. Ongoing Solutions.

With access to and experience with the latest technologies and products on the market, we’re able to recommend the perfect fit for each application within a company.


From Web-based scan, index, & retrieve solutions to custom enterprise-wide electronic document management, file conversion and more, our software expertise is unsurpassed.


Building your system is just the start. Our ongoing support includes on-site asset supply and inventory management, training, desktop services, facilities management, and more.


Our job doesn’t end with implementation. Ensuring your systems remains effective and efficient means taking a proactive approach to service backed up by guaranteed on-site technical support.

Always on the leading edge
Always on the leading edge.

Business moves fast. Technology moves even faster. Staying in front of our clients ever-changing needs means continuously evaluating and updating our systems to ensure our clients benefit from the latest advances in hard and soft document solutions.

Cloud-based Solutions
Cloud-based Solutions

Whether you’re in the office, on the road, or working from home, cloud-based solutions put your business documents at your fingertips wherever, whenever you need them.

Open System Architecture
Open System Architecture (OSA)

OSA provides a broad array of added functionality to multi-function devices. Use your device as a gateway to access integrated applicants and enhance your document workflow.

Environmental Solutions
Environmental Solutions

The future is bright. And green. Our dedication to building long-term, sustainable relationships extends to both our clients and the world around us. That’s why we offer green solutions that address the problem of printer consumables as waste. We can provide your organization with a responsible recycling program that ensures each cartridge is recycled, not sent to landfills or incinerators.

TSG’s TekTrak analysis of your organizations needs for document management needs will assist you in creating a foundation to reduce operating expenses and increase efficiency by automating tasks and improving productivity. Via our TekTrak analysis we are able to analyze every company document records and other digital content that gets created. Whether paper-based or electronic files, MaxxVault can help organize, secure and manage them. The ability to access the correct and current version of a document or record is important, but companies must go further to meet enterprise content management (ECM) needs. “Content” must be managed so that it is used to achieve business goals. Central to this strategy are the tools and technologies of ECM solutions, which manage the complete life cycle of content, information and documentation. Whether you call it document management, ecm software or cloud content management MaxxVault software has you covered. There are not many document management companies that give the awesome support our TEAM does!

See how TSG and MaxxVault can help your organization in this area:

Document Management Software (DMS)

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No single document solution, hard or soft, is right for every job. Fortunately, our solutions aren’t limited by exclusive relationships with specific brands or products. That means we’re free to tap a broad array of venders and products to create the most efficient and cost effective solution for your specific application. Wide format, small format, MPS, Facilities Management, Back Office Printing, MICR solutions, scanning and archiving, we can do it all and will bring every resource we have to do it right.