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Detailed Reporting

Details, details! Papercut analyzes available printing, viewing and exporting page logs to summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact. This productivity will email reports to specified people on a regular schedule.

Web Based Administration

Web technologies make cross-platform support easy as there is no need for additional software to be installed and no web server configuration. A key feature of the administration interface is the dashboard tab- an easy-to-read single page view of the printing environment for administrators.

Managing Quotas

Users can operate in either credit or debit. With defined account rules including how and how often an account is credited.

Solve Mobile and BYOD Printing

PaperCut has a range of simple solutions to allow users to print from whatever BYOD or mobile device at their disposal. No matter the operating system, their location, the file format or the brand of printer, our solutions can manage it.

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