TSG Works With Variety Boys & Girls Club

Helping out the children of Los Angeles is what the Team Solutions Group values most.

Sharp Distributes Revolutionary Skywell Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Skywell, a leading water technology company, to offer revolutionary drinking water dispensers that

How an Interactive Display System is the Ultimate Communications Device for Businesses and Schools

Remember the feeling of chalk dust on your hands after writing on a chalkboard? Later came the less-messy whiteboards with dry-erase markers. However, it didn’t make classrooms or business meetings any more exciting. How an Interactive Display System is

Five Digital Signage Benefits for Outside the Classroom

Digital signage technology doesn’t just benefit learning inside college and university classrooms. According to Sharp Senior Sales Engineer Saundra Merollo, there are many ways that digital signage around campus can be used to improve the higher

Five Advantages of Wireless Interactive Display Systems

Whether the environment is a meeting room, huddle space, a classroom, or any other location where collaboration and creativity is needed, a wireless interactive whiteboard can surely help avoid headaches.

Real Tips to Perfect a Paperless Transition

A paperless transition is a step forward for your company, your clients, and the environment. Merging your digital and physical records in document management software is a challenge, but getting everyone on board can be even tougher. EDMS Solutions can

Four Ways Document Management Increases Customer Satisfaction

Document management makes things easier on you and your employees. The benefits don’t end there, however. Document management can carry over into the satisfaction of your customers as well as your employees. There are four main ways document management

Five Problems Enterprise Content Management Totally Eliminates

Enterprise content management sounds too good to be true. If you haven’t implemented one in your company, you’re probably thinking that reports of how amazing it is have been greatly exaggerated. There’s no way one system for storing, sorting, and

How ECM Systems Help Weed Out Problem Employees

ECM systems can help you weed out problem employees. ECM can’t compete with the personal watch of a manager, but it can serve as an early warning system. Your managers should direct their attention to the employees who are frequently the cause of

8 Areas Where Digital Transformation Will Help Your Accounts Payable Process

Manual processing of documents has many disadvantages: It’s time consuming, human errors and overall lack of security & control. You don’t know where an invoice is in the approval process or if there is an issue holding payment up. Many companies still