According to MaxxVault, it's 2018 and everything now is paperless. paperless office is a great way to work towards sustainability and a more earth-friendly footprint, it saves you money as well. Here are way's to consider replacing paper in your offices!

Say Goodbye to Memos

Move your memos, minutes, and other company-wide notices to email or an online file sharing program. Because fewer expense documents remain available, accessible, and in a known location long after papers would’ve been thrown away.

Meetings Online

If you regularly schedule client and partner meetings, consider moving those online as well. You save on travel costs as well as on employee time.

Targeted Marketing

Your website, email campaigns, social media marketing, and other online tools are more effective and relevant than any physical tools available to you.

Efficient Machinery

Shop for machines that use less energy you can find this equipment with energy star labels.

Clear Processes

Look for areas in your organization that get bogged down with waste. Ensure that clear and precise procedures are being followed. Once everyone is on board, waste will drop to a minimum.

Software Solutions

Document services allow you to create automated workflows, track every document from creation to storage, locate any relevant document in your system, and much more, and all without paper.

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