Five Problems Enterprise Content Management Totally Eliminates

Enterprise content management sounds too good to be true. If you haven’t implemented one in your company, you’re probably thinking that reports of how amazing it is have been greatly exaggerated. There’s no way one system for storing, sorting, and

How ECM Systems Help Weed Out Problem Employees

ECM systems can help you weed out problem employees. ECM can’t compete with the personal watch of a manager, but it can serve as an early warning system. Your managers should direct their attention to the employees who are frequently the cause of

8 Areas Where Digital Transformation Will Help Your Accounts Payable Process

Manual processing of documents has many disadvantages: It’s time consuming, human errors and overall lack of security & control. You don’t know where an invoice is in the approval process or if there is an issue holding payment up. Many companies still

Four Key Areas of Cloud-Based Content Sharing Security

There are four key things that your cloud-based content sharing system has to have or do in order to be secure. While security can get more in-depth than these features, these are really the industry standard. Anything less than this can leave