Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Skywell, a leading water technology company, to offer revolutionary drinking water dispensers that create clean water from air. Skywell is the market’s first smart atmospheric water generation (AWG) dispenser for offices.


How Skywell turns air into clean, drinkable water

Skywell takes in ambient air through a high efficiency air filtration chamber, and collects moisture through condensation. Then it uses a six-stage water filtration system, ultraviolet purification and ozone treatment to remove contaminants to create fresh, clean drinking water. Skywell’s built-in monitoring system continuously monitors every drop of hot or cold water dispensed to ensure that the water produced is of exacting quality and clarity every time.


Environmental benefits of Skywell

Skywell re-imagines the future of drinking water with a commitment to help reduce usage of plastic and its carbon footprint. No trucks are needed to deliver big, plastic bottles, or single-use plastic bottles that pollute our oceans and clog our landfills.


Health benefit of Skywell

A recent study* has shown that billions of people worldwide are drinking water contaminated by microscopic plastic particles. In the U.S. alone, 94 percent of the tap water in the study was found to be polluted with microscopic fibers. Skywell’s comprehensive filtration system ensures removal of contaminants.

*The September 2017 study was conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and commissioned by the Orb data journalism website.


Why clients love using Skywell

Skywell especially appeals to progressive, high-tech companies because it is a product that is portable, flexible, environmentally conscious and stylish. Businesses will appreciate the fact that all that is needed to install the device is an electrical outlet. There are no plumbing or water lines required.

Clients can customize the 8” interactive screen with the corporate logos and custom messages. Employees will enjoy tracking their water intake through a Hydration Profile with personalized avatars, creating a sense of fun and camaraderie within the office environment. The display also shows water temperatures and current water tank levels. The easy-to-use app interface allows users to quickly make adjustments to the Skywell, including water temperature (up to 200°F), production hours and energy consumption. Users can set daily hydration goals and track their daily progress. It even shows how many plastic bottles of water each user has saved by using the Skywell.

Businesses save valuable real estate because there are no five-gallon water jugs to store. In addition, no employees need to risk back injury by lifting the heavy water bottles onto machines.

Customers in areas of higher humidity will especially benefit as they are in the ideal location for optimal water production. The chart below explains how much water can be expected from different indoor ambient temperature and relative humidity combinations.


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