Digital signage technology doesn’t just benefit learning inside college and university classrooms. According to Sharp Senior Sales Engineer Saundra Merollo, there are many ways that digital signage around campus can be used to improve the higher education experience. Here are five of them:

1. Broadcast emergency-related messaging

When time-critical announcements are necessary, brightly colored digital signage will surely grab attention at the right time. For example, serious weather announcements for schools based in tornado alley could save lives. Also, in the wake of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, many colleges and universities have deployed emergency response systems. Digital displays can warn students as well as faculty about a lockdown and provide instructions on where to go for safety.

2. Post helpful career messaging

Students in their senior year want to get ahead of the game by obtaining an internship or an entry-level job to start right after
graduating. Digital signage around campus can post information about such career opportunities for current or recently graduated students. It can also broadcast information about career counseling, résumé building and anything else needed to give students a boost for a more successful life after receiving their hard-earned degree.

3. Provide an interactive wayfinding tool

An interactive display system can be used as a “self-service” device. This method reduces the requirement for staff to help new
students find their way around campus as well as the surrounding neighborhood. With wayfinding software, students can learn where the local coffee house, theater, museum and other local places are to enhance their social life. Directions can be sent to a printer or even to a mobile phone.

4. Embrace a greener communication

Long gone are the days of card catalogs in libraries to find what books students are looking for. These cards had to be updated often as new books came in, or discarded when books were discontinued. With interactive digital signage in the library, there is zero paper waste. And, any signage around the rest of the campus that was originally printed on paper, including cafeteria menus, bulletin boards posts and various others, can now be digital for a truly paperless, green environment.

5. Create a sense of community

There is an endless array of useful information that can be broadcast on digital signage around campus for staff and students alike. Not only does digital signage get the message across efficiently, it can also help create a sense of community. Some examples include fundraising efforts, food and clothing drives, registration info for sports teams and classes, community activities, schedules, campus events, guest speakers at a lecture hall and much more. In addition, students’ work can be shown on digital signage to instill a sense of pride and achievement. This can include video projects, artwork, music and similar items.

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