Whether the environment is a meeting room, huddle space, a classroom, or any other location where collaboration and creativity is needed, a wireless interactive whiteboard can surely help avoid headaches.


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For example, business meetings can quickly become less motivating when the organizer is trying to locate a missing cable. Waiting for the IT department to deliver the right supplies for the connection will also eat up valuable time. This waiting around would test a businessperson’s patience, but imagine trying to keep kids under control while a classroom lesson is waiting for a cable hookup. Aside from freeing your meetings from cables, here are five other advantages* of having a wireless interactive display system in the office or classroom:

  • Built-in wireless presentations allow users to wirelessly present content on the interactive display directly from their devices
  • without the need to spend time pre-loading files or data.
  • Confidential information from a meeting cannot be leaked, as data is not stored during wireless connection. And, since there
  • is no need to connect into a main network, your own wireless hot spot can be created for a more secure environment.
  • You have platform independence through various operating systems.
  • Many wireless solutions for classrooms are available. Splashtop, for example has some great products. Splashtop® Classroom enables teachers to remotely control the lesson from anywhere in the classroom, annotate, then share with students. Splashtop Mirroring360 allows teachers and students to mirror their content, ideas and apps on their device to the whole class.
  • Access a variety of remote desktop applications such as MirrorOp® Sender, which allows Google® ChromeBook™ notebook computers to connect to the interactive display system.

Sharp wireless AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems can bring these advantages to a reality in meeting rooms and classrooms and have even more benefits to offer. For example, the 70" Class (69.5" diagonal) PN-L703W and 60" Class (60.5" diagonal) PN-L603W interactive displays offer SHARP Touch Viewer™ software. This touch-operated onscreen user interface lets you easily view, manipulate and write annotations on different types of files, videos and web pages.

Check out the new 40" Sharp Aquos PN-L401C Interactive Display System

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