A paperless transition is a step forward for your company, your clients, and the environment. Merging your digital and physical records in document management software is a challenge, but getting everyone on board can be even tougher. EDMS Solutions can make your paperless transition flawless.


1. Find the right way to digitize your records

Not all systems are created equal. Before you pick your system, find out how it’s going to work to digitize all your records. Look into the features offered by MaxxVault for more information on how to turn your paper files into digital ones.


2. Ask for employee input

When you’re designing your new paperless system, get information from the people who will use it every day. Find out what their biggest headaches are. Make them feel like their expertise is valued, and you’ll go further than you would designing the whole system from the top down.


3. Make it about the cause

If your office is eager to go green, embrace the cause! You can pitch your paperless transition as another step towards a greener, more environmentally conscious office. It’s an added bonus to a change that will save time, pressure, and hassle for all.


4. Implement onboarding features first

Don’t start new accounts the old way while you’re in the process of shifting to the new. Onboarding features will make sure that your new information is right from day one. Whether you’re bringing in new patients or gathering information on a lead, onboarding should come first.


5. Provide adequate training

Employee resistance often stems from a lack of confidence. Older employees may worry that they won’t be able to use the new system. Younger employees may be too intimidated to ask the questions they need to get their jobs done. Be clear from the start that all employees will be trained on your paperless office–and then follow up!


6. Fix the pressure points first

You can boost morale by lifting burdens first. If information retrieval eats up a lot of the day, push to get search functions working ASAP. Your employees will be enthused about the direct the company is taking!


7. Quell employee fears

Implementing a paperless office often makes people who work with filing anxious. It can feel like you’re bringing in a computer program to do their job! While some job duties tend to shift, under the new system, most of your employees will be fine. Share early on that you foresee shifting them to higher valued tasks after automating the low value tasks.


8. Don’t throw out your paperwork yet

One of the best tips you’ll get is to hold on to all your paperwork for the first year. The new system might work perfectly, but you never know when human error might strike. Keep your old paperwork until you’re sure that your system is properly installed and self-sustaining.

A paperless office is great. Unfortunately, it is also often a less than stellar experience. By implementing these real life tips you help combat resistance and make your paperless transition as painless as possible.

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