Document management makes things easier on you and your employees. The benefits don’t end there, however. Document management can carry over into the satisfaction of your customers as well as your employees. There are four main ways document management increases customer satisfaction: consistency, speed, flexibility, and security.

1. Consistency is key

All customer/company relationships are based on building trust over a period of time. This makes consistency vital to customer satisfaction. The only way to build trust is to set and meet expectations over time. To be able to do so, your employees need to be working with sound information. Having one employee misquote a policy and another refuse to honor the (incorrect) information can lower the trust the customer places in you. On the other hand, bend the rules too often and you risk being labeled a pushover. Document management ensures that your employees can only access the most recent versions of policies and documents. This cuts the risk of misstatement drastically.


2. Speed of service

When someone calls in or contacts you by email, they want their problem solved fast. Document management allows your employees to access their information swiftly. They can follow automated protocols to further speed the process. Good service is swift service, and you can be sure that they’re going to remember how quick and painless it was to get their problem addressed. Even in the event that you can’t solve a problem immediately, swift service in other areas will increase customer confidence in your brand.


3. Automated solutions work on their time

Enterprise document management works best when it’s integrated with some level of automation. Web forms and surveys are perfect for information capture purposes. Your customer can fill out your form when it’s convenient for them. This allows them to work on what you need from them outside of business hours. They don’t have to wait for a day where they can come in and deliver their forms in person, for example. The more ways you can implement automation, the more customers can interact with your business on a schedule that works for them.


4. Their information stays put

It’s easy to lose paper files. A small mistake with alphabetization, and that important paper is gone. Document management makes it much more difficult for information to vanish. While some human errors cannot be avoided, the more heavily a process relies on computers the more difficult it is to permanently lose things. A simple cloud-based storage backup can keep the majority of your information safe forever. The permanence of their information reduces the amount of work your customers will have to do twice.

Customers want quick, easy, and consistent service. Enterprise document management helps you give them what they want. Providing the same information to every employee reduces miscommunications and policy mistakes. The customer can submit queries and information to you on their own time, and know that they’re only going to have to fill out that form once. Best of all, your employees can quickly retrieve their data and handle their time sensitive requests in a snap.

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