Enterprise content management sounds too good to be true. If you haven’t implemented one in your company, you’re probably thinking that reports of how amazing it is have been greatly exaggerated. There’s no way one system for storing, sorting, and automating your company’s information could do so much, right? Actually, ECM can do everything from preventing the use of outdated forms to getting you more quality work for your employee’s salary. Once you have enterprise content management, you can say goodbye to these five problems.


1. Using an outdated form

When you have enterprise content management, you don’t have to worry about outdated versions of forms or documents. When you decide to make Version 7.0 the official document of your business, your changes are filed with the system. Anyone looking to access that document gets the correct version, every time. When it’s time for Version 7.1 or 8.0, updating all your documents is still just as easy.


2. A customer’s only contact is out sick

Giving each customer a point of contact is a great way to build long-lasting relationships. However, you should be able to address a customer’s basic complaints even if their point of contact is out of touch on a certain day. If they come with questions about high level, detail oriented work, it’s fine to let them know that their account manager Mr. Jones is out sick today. If they want basic information on budget, document styles, or to get a copy of their most recent work, your staff should be able to do that. Having basic information accessible to all will help you preserve your customer relationships.


3. Accidental permanent deleting of information

Enterprise content management systems have protocols that make it difficult to delete information permanently. You don’t have to worry about a finger-slip wiping out your whole database. Individual programs that aren’t linked into a system can falter more easily.


4. Running out of storage space

If you’re using digital storage, it’s easy to see when you’re running out of room. You can add more space to your server, or upgrade to a flexible cloud network. Physical space is much more difficult to manage. If you’re running out of room, what stays and what has to go? Organizing what to trim of physical documents is much more difficult.


5. Spending high value bills on low value tasks

Every time your top employees spend an hour tracking down one document, you’re losing money. When your well-paid workers do low-value tasks, you’re losing money. Enterprise content management automates many workflow processes, allowing your high-value employees to focus on high-value problems. You don’t have to pay your top performer’s an hour’s wage to find one misplaced document anymore.

Enterprise content management revolutionizes your office. It provides a safeguard against accidental information loss while ensuring all your forms will be up to date. It’s easy to adjust the storage space to meet your needs, and it automates low value tasks so your business gets the best performance possible from its biggest employee assets.

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