ECM systems can help you weed out problem employees. ECM can’t compete with the personal watch of a manager, but it can serve as an early warning system. Your managers should direct their attention to the employees who are frequently the cause of bottleneck in workflow, access inappropriate files, or don’t work when they work from home. ECM systems give employees the tools to succeed; the ones who don’t are the ones a manager should keep an eye on.


ECM can track workflow

One of the most high value tasks your ECM systems should accomplish is providing workflow and workflow tracking. Automating the transfer of tasks from one person to another, as well as automating the access to necessary information, makes everyone’s jobs easier. The workflow process can also show you where bottlenecks occur. If more work is flowing in to one person than is flowing out, things will get backed up. The occasional bottleneck is understandable, even desirable. A manager, for example, will obviously have a bottleneck affect over the work of the people who report to them. However, an employee struggling with their expecting workload would also produce a bottleneck affect. If their manager sees this occurring, they can check in and see what the employee needs—or whether they’re just slacking on the job.


Keep a log of files accessed

ECM systems keep a log of who accesses protected content. This is very important. While some internal matters are kept private out of convenience and ease, many files need to be kept confidential by law. Your ECM system should be set to log access to these files. In the event that unauthorized access occurs, you can pinpoint the party responsible. They might need retraining on how to keep compliance, or they could have a more serious motive that needs to be addressed.


Allow offsite work

Enterprise content management systems can build mobile integration into their functioning. This is great. It allows your employees to work offsite. They can take a business trip or work from the field when it’s called for. It’s also a great way to cut down on “sick” days that are really just playing hooky. Working from home a few days a year is a great thing to offer your employees. It helps people who are too sick to be around others (and may be contagious) still contribute. It gains your company plenty of man-hours that would otherwise be lost. Also, it allows you to catch out more employees who really just wanted to skip work one day. Vacation days exist; ECM systems encourage your employees to use them appropriately.


Gives staff the support to succeed

ECM systems give your staff the resources they need to succeed. With powerful, automated information at their fingertips, they can get more done—as long as they’re trying. It’s easy to see which employees aren’t performing to standard when they all have equal opportunity to do so.

ECM systems can help your managers find struggling employees. They cut down on “sick” days, and keep files secure. ECM systems can track your compliance with privacy laws, and show which employees are pulling their weight—and who’s falling behind.

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