Open up a new world for your employees and your business with a document management system that is mobile. Mobile document management lets your employees get away from their desks and work more flexibly. They can respond on site at a job, or work on the go. Managers traveling on business can still keep up with work at home. Plus, with mobile data capture and the right set of circumstances, you can speed the onboarding of clients.

Reduce downtime

Typically, employees are required to work together in order to pass information from hand to hand. Mobile document management reduces the downtime as files are passed from one person to another. Your employees can access their information from anywhere. Their office, out on location, or even working from the road or from home. This allows more flexibility at every rung in the employee ladder. Your average employee can put in more time at home, reducing the number of days they have to be out sick or snowed in.
You also can avoid the bottleneck that happens when supervisors and managers are out in the field. They could be tackling a problem at another site or going to a conference, but work still needs to get done. When you use mobile document management, that can still happen. The improvements in efficiency alone can be enough to pay for the upgrade to your enterprise content management systems over time.

Greater data capture

Mobile document management gives your team more options when they’re on the go. Just being able to access data is an incredible boost to productivity. However, to truly make your document management mobile, you need more than a productivity boost. Focus on adding data capture and similar abilities straight to your document management system. As the digital age advances, we can do more and more things using only the technology on our mobile devices. Mobile data capture, even including mobile signatures, is possible when you have a document management system that’s mobile. This allows your employees to onboard clients at any location, and handle any paperwork that may arise.If your employee provides an estimate onsite, the paperwork can be completed on site as well, if the client accepts it. The possibilities are numerous.

One unified system

If you don’t have mobile document management, chances are your employees have cobbled together workarounds. Higher managers are going to have to go on location. People are going to have to enter information even when they’re out in the field. While any solution that’s put together on the fly isn’t going to be as powerful as one unified system, it will be in place. Putting together a real, integrated system will keep your documents consistent. It will eliminate the need for employees to work outside of your system. This improves your security. There is no need for data to leave your system.

Mobile document management is great for improving efficiency. Your employees can work from home or on the job site. You can use one unified, secure system to access all of your company data. Contact Team Solutions Group today to find out how mobile document management can change the way you do business.

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