Increasing productivity with ECM boils down to five key points. When you make it easier for your employees to manage the small tasks that make up their jobs, they also have more time to focus on the big tasks. Enterprise content management allows them to easily send and retrieve data, access information in the field or when they need it most, and allows oversight to show where departments are struggling. Best of all, there’s no need to start from scratch every time your business expands.

1. Search no more
The smallest daily tasks become the biggest sinkholes. It’s amazing how much you can boost productivity with an ECM that focuses on search and retrieve. While the time benefits are obvious when compared to paper storage systems, a good ECM will even beat out unorganized digital files. It’s always faster and easier to access information from an organized, integrated ECM system.

2. Workflow transparency
Enterprise content management allows you, or the appropriate department heads, to see where workflow slows down. By tracking these bottlenecks in the system, it becomes easier to tackle them. Boosting productivity with ECM is as simple as seeing where people are struggling, and giving them the support they need to come to different solutions. Workflow transparency helps your managers manage better. Your bottom line will thank you.

3. On the go access to information
It’s a rare office that has every worker in the same place day after day. There’s almost always an “in the field” position, no matter what that is. Some businesses have employees who visit work sites, or travel to make presentations to important clients. Some require attending at conferences or trade shows. It could even be flexible options that allow employees to work remotely when appropriate. On the go productivity with ECM means that the same information can be accessed from a computer, from a tablet, or even from a smartphone. Mobile integration is key to maintaining high quality work from the field.

4. Secure document sharing
The problem with sending sensitive documents via email is that it’s very easy to make a mistake. It’s also easier to steal information that way. For the most part, however, breaches in security protocol are not caused by intentional disruption. Human error plays a huge role. Forward one email to the wrong person and you can’t take it back. Secure productivity with ECM by enabling different parties to work on one document. All versions are saved, and no one has a copy of the sensitive file just laying around.

5. No need to reinvent the wheel when your business grows
Easily maintain high productivity with ECM, even as your business grows. As your business grows, you bring on more employees, or see a surge in clients. You don’t have to go back to square one. ECM allows you to scale up your current plan to fit growing needs. Moreover, on-boarding new employees is easy. Everything is standardized, simple, and consistent.
Enhancing productivity with ECM allows you to securely access and send information. It allows mobile access as well as workflow transparency, so you can send help where your business needs it most. Best of all, this solution will grow with your company.

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