Four Ways To Save Your Company Money!

Team Solutions Group will ensure your business is saving money and help increase productivity. Check out these simple changes! 1.Go green Just like the saying “go green, save green.” An easy switch can be as simple as purchasing fluorescent bulbs. 2.Use

Follow These Six Steps To Go Paperless

According to MaxxVault, it's 2018 and everything now is paperless. paperless office is a great way to work towards sustainability and a more earth-friendly footprint, it saves you money as well. Here are way's to consider replacing paper in your offices!

See Why You Should Toss Away Physical Documents!

According to MaxxVault, moving to document management is not a loss. Instead, it gives you the necessary tools to continue your personal, relationship-based work without the day-to-day details getting in the way.

Protect Documents With Electronic Storage.

According to MaxxVault, scanning is a way for your business to protect your documents. Keep reading to find out why!

You Can Now Drink Water From The Sky!

According to, the Skywell is exactly what it’s named for. It’s a generator that resembles a traditional water dispenser, except this clean water is from the air we breathe.

Upgrade The Way You Store Content

According to, Here are some ways to recover lost content services without any other problems occurring.

TSG Works With Variety Boys & Girls Club

Helping out the children of Los Angeles is what the Team Solutions Group values most.

Sharp Distributes Revolutionary Skywell Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Skywell, a leading water technology company, to offer revolutionary drinking water dispensers that